Shift boot experience

CL Wong montesawong at
Mon Mar 12 09:33:05 EDT 2007

I've been experiencing an increasingly difficult shift
into 1st and 3rd over the past 2 weeks and finally
decided to remove the shift boot to have a look.

I discovered that the inner shift boot somehow became
dislodged from the OEM clamped position and began
interfering with the full shifter travel.

Since the rubber inner boot was rubbing on something I
had rubber shavings all over the shifter parts and had
to clean and relube.

I decided to cut off the rubber boot to avoid future
shift troubles and now the shifter feel is greatly
improved.  Going from vague and rubbery to sharp and

My car has had a rubery shift feel from the day I
bought it roughly 7 years ago so I can't tell how long
the rubber inner boot has been dislodged.

Re-dyed the leather boot with some 'forever black'
followed up with some leather conditioner and it looks
and shifts as good as new now.


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