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I've run Fuzion's on my A-4.  By no means the Dunlops they replaced but
acceptable.  I'd rather have the Dunlop's but well worth the price.
Fuzion's lack the grip.  Dunlop's were not as noisy.  I'm running Michelin
Sports now and are very noisy but have plenty of traction.  

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I ran Fuzion ZRi 235/45-17 on my old '91.  I was quite pleased with both
their performance and wear.  They were a bit noisy (didn't bother me) and
were a bit stiff/harsh (also didn't bother me).  I was running then on B5 S4
wheels.  Quite heavy wheels, very noticible on the car.  This was with a
Bilsteins/Eibach combo.  For the price, ~$85 or so, I was very satisfied
with them and would probably buy them again.


On 3/12/07, Tom Egbert < tomegbert1323 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Long time, no posts! Anyone out there?
>      How about some tire preference advice?
>       I have my hakka snows ready to come off for the coming spring and
> wonder what to do. The snows on A-4 16 inch wheels and my summer Khumos
> on Speedline corses at 225-45 -17. The khumos were fine new but really
> suck now 5,000 miles later.
>      I need to go cheap so might just pull the snows off the 16s and buy
> that size Continentals or go Michelin or ...
>     What do 20v cars feel the best on? It has 90,000 miles and new boge tg
> shocks with original ride heighth.
>                   Tom in Indy
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