regards to my 1991 200 20v in marketplace

Eric Huppert ehuppert at
Tue Mar 13 09:29:08 EDT 2007


Have had this listed in several different venues for over a month, no
takers. Lot's of tire kickers via email, but that's about it! Car isn't on
the road, I was able to devote several weeks to fixing ALL the little
issues. Car is mechanically sound and is in very good condition.

Normally older cars show signs of numerous hacks working on them, this one

Have to move it soon as cash flow is dwindling, BUT, not giving it away
either. Talked a couple of perspective buyers out of it as they just wanted
transportation, didn't even know what a 20v was! My mistake...

I'm somewhat befuddled as it's relatively inexpensive, in  really good
condition/sorted out and looks good! At the end of my rope on this, need it
out of the garage as I need the space and definitely need the $'s. Really
think if someone actually came to look at it they'd buy it, it looks and IS
that good!

Hence, going to ebay end of the week if no interest!


(no, bidding will not be starting at 19.99!)

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