Aiming Euro Lights....

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sat Mar 24 12:58:44 EDT 2007

So how has everyone else with Euro lights aimed their headlights?   
Way back when upon installation, I used the guidelines that Bentley  
provided for aiming the headlights (ie measuring height on a wall,  
being a certain distance from said wall, etc).

Now I know that the projection pattern is different between the Euro  
and the 'merican the aiming guidelines should (?) be  
different, but I don't have anything else to go off of besides what's  
in the Bentley.  All that said...based on how often I get "flashed,"  
me thinks this is not the best method to use. what have others used as a guide for aiming Euro lights, and  
what have your roadway impressions been?

Derek P

PS, I only use the 55w/60w (or whatever it is) halogen bulbs, not the  
100w combo.

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