Subject: Aiming Euro Lights....

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Sat Mar 24 17:27:45 EDT 2007

Shouldn't be a problem. Most Audi alternators are rated for 65 plus amps.
100 W lights pull about 8 amps each. so, you should have plenty left over
for charging, etc. I've run 100W high beams in everything from Audi Foxes to
the current V8Q, with no problems whatsoever.

Tony Hoffman

On 3/24/07, PeterBergin at <PeterBergin at> wrote:
> I have a new set with the Blau harness that has been on the shelf for 6
> years, I think I will get around to installing them on my Avant
> this  spring.  My
> stock ones are like driving around blind at night.  Only  question is I
> bought
> the 100 watt high beams and the 80/100 combo, and I am  wondering if the
> stock alternator has enough juice to power them?
> Pete
> 91 Avant
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