Another way to aim the euro headlights.

Ted Fisher fisherwc at
Sat Mar 24 18:07:16 EDT 2007

    I have had Euro headlights for a long time now and those that know 
me know that I don't slow down when the sun goes down. The basic set up 
is Bosch Euro Headlights with Hella 55/100 lows and 100 watt high beams 
with a Blau power harness. Like you, I have found the guide lines in the 
Bentley don't work in the real world. So this is what I have found and 
    The low beams can't blind either on-coming traffic or the guy in 
front of you. One way to make sure this doesn't happen is to make sure 
that the low beams are adjusted so that they actually have a downward 
slope. Taking Bernie's wall, the farther back you are, the lower the 
lights should be on the wall. That's the first guide line for the height 
adjustment. The second one (at least for me and my driving style) is to 
adjust the high beam hot spot (place where the most light is 
concentrated) so that it hits the road about 150-200 yds away. This 
keeps me from over driving the headlights at triple digit speeds. 
Remember when you do this, the low beam must still have a downward slope 
or you're going to get flashing. One way to double check the slope is to 
put the car parallel to the wall and see if the lights do slope down. 
Driving along a freeway divider also works or pay attention to the 
traffic in front of you. The closer you get to a vehicle, the higher the 
light bar should be on the other car. Or as you move back and away from 
the other car, the lights should drop across the bumper and move towards 
the bottom of the car.
    As for right and left, with the vehicle in the middle of the lane 
(you need a straight and real lonely road for this, middle of the night 
helps) I set the right high beam just to the right of the pavement edge 
on the right side of the road. Sounds weird, but I want to see what's 
over there. The left one is focused on the center line. Remember, these 
focus points are a couple hundred yards up the road.
    This keeps me out of trouble with the neighbors and the LOL. And 
with the high beams on I can see reflective signs just over a mile away. 
This combo allows for some seriously fast night time driving on 
California's coast and mountain roads.
    And if any one is interested, I have a set of NOS OEM Bosch Euro 
lights with original wrappings and in the original boxes. Never been 
mounted and includes bulbs. (funny what you find when you move a 

1991 200 Avant (Modified)
2001 Quattro TT (Wife's car and bone stock or at least she thinks so).
1996 BMW R1100RSL (Ya it's motorcycle).


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