Subject: Aiming Euro Lights....

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sat Mar 24 19:59:46 EDT 2007

6 years, Yikes, what are you waiting for?  I run the 80/100 combo in the UrQ, 200 and V8, no problems alt wise across the board.  The UrQ can be a pain to adjust but the typ 44 are very easy and unless way out of spec should no be a problem, V8's are easiest with both knobs on top.  I've never been flashed even with 80W lows.  The beam against a wall works for height, but I find the deserted road better at night better for width adjusting.  I find 80w lows have a reflective range approaching a mile.  If you don't need to really see what is over 50 ft above the road, I like the mod where you only trigger the solitary H3 Beam bulb vs both bulbs and you get more of a driving light beam vs and A bomb beam (also easy to run 80w or 100 w H3..  You can run into trouble if your cars ever been hit/tweaked and you didn't know it.  Also if you bought your lamps used, take a moment to pop off the lenses (easy) and make sure the adjuster actually work and that they are close to the middle of the adjustment because you never know what they may have compensating for in their former car. Also make sure that the manual load level adjuster bar is set correctly for level loads. And  If you really need the bling get some of the electric motors and the dash mounted adjustment switches!
From: PeterBergin at aol.comSubject: Re: Subject: Aiming Euro Lights....  I have a new set with the Blau harness that has been on the shelf for 6  years, I think I will get around to installing them on my Avant this  spring.  My stock ones are like driving around blind at night.  Only  question is I bought the 100 watt high beams and the 80/100 combo, and I am  wondering if the stock alternator has enough juice to power them? Pete91 Avant
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