Replacing Radiator write up

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Mar 25 15:16:12 EDT 2007

Audi had a repair kit for the upper hose connection at one time, but you can
improvise. Find a piece of tubing, Cu or CPVC that just fits tightly inside
the old fitting and epoxy it in, extending into the tank. I have replaced a
rad on the 200 only because a plastic tank split open. IMO Audi hoses last
forever, and there is enough material that the ends can be cut back a half
inch if need be.


> From: Tdehoff at

> Does anyone know of where I can find a good write up on how to replace the
> radiator?  I broke the connection on the top of the radiator off while i  was
> replacing the auxiliary water pump for the Turbo this weekend.  There  is
> still 
> enough to clamp on a water hose but I am not sure that is sufficient  enough
> to hold.  So any help would be greatly appreciated.  Oh yes I  need to find a
> replacement top hose too the one with the funky T connection that  feeds the
> Auxiliary water pump for the turbo.
> Tom 
> 91 200 175K 
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