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Does  anyone know of where I can find a good write up on how to replace the   
radiator?  I broke the connection on the top of the radiator off  while i  
replacing the auxiliary water pump for the Turbo this  weekend.  There  is 
enough to clamp on a water hose but I  am not sure that is sufficient  enough 
to hold.  So any help  would be greatly appreciated.  Oh yes I  need to find 
replacement top hose too the one with the funky T connection that   feeds the 
Auxiliary water pump for the  turbo. 

I replaced my rad the summer of 06. Points I can be removed  
and replaced without taking anything else out [the PS pump needs to be moved as  
far passenger side as possible], it's a good time to replace a short straight 
 hose forward near the engine, kind of below the PS pump [if you take the PS 
pump  out, replace the narrow short hose to the turbo, mine failed earlier], 
get the  new mount parts, I repaired my T-hose with rubber bands and Elmers 
glue, a joke,  I replaced mine as I have so much money I sometimes just go 
outside and throw  money at the car, another joke... kept my old, 120k, T-hose, I'll 
never use  it, talk me out of it if you want it........ask specific questions 
and I'll be  happy to answer them!

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