charging problem?

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I think just had the same issue.  How does it crank?  Sound a bit slow?  My car just had all of the same symptoms.  Check your voltage at the + post under the hood while running and see if it is much different than at the battery or cigarette lighter. I would have +14 at the post and 11 or less at the battery.   
The thing that solved all of my problems was fixing the large battery cable from the battery to the starter.  The section of 4 gauge wire that runs from the starter to where it is crimed to a 2 gauge wire under the carpet at the passenger's feet was in really bad shape.  I replaced the section of 4 gauge wire with a 2 gauge cable and have not had any issues since.  

Check this link for some more info:


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  Guys my 90,000 mile 20v has all the trouble lights lit up. Battery ABS and one other. Car ran fine on to work and didn't change. Voltmeter was reading less than 11. Voltmeter has been flaky since aquiring the car 3 years ago. Dives down on first part of commute but seems to always get to full voltage by home. Lights had never stayed on before. 
     Got a brush/regulator replacement and slipped that in with the battery recharged. It didn't change the situation. 
  I guess the diodes are bad? I am planning on pulling the altenator now and taking to be rebuilt Monday. Maybe going by autozone and having them check it first.
    Any suggestions appreciated, Tom

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