The weather got warm and I got Audi Gremlins

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Mon Mar 26 00:18:24 EDT 2007

Just when I though I was done fixing things for awhile the Audi gremlins  got 
me again.
Got back from a 2 week ski trip (took an airplane instead of the Audi this  
time),  first time the car has been driven in warm weather this year.   I 
turned on the AC and held my breath, like I do every spring. (original R 12  system 
and never needed work).  Got no cold air, went to the car wash for  spring 
clean up and noticed the temp gauge was up a bit, but defiantly not near  
overheating.  Opened the hood and noticed no radiator fan.  Found  fusible link 
corroded and broke (not melted).  Pulled my spare from the  glove box, cleaned up 
the connections started car and got good AC, fan on high  and boost back up to 
normal.  Great for a day.
Today, no radiator fan until I turn on the AC, than fan goes on but no cold  
air, boost down to 1.4 again.  Also noticed no after run water pump,  injector 
cooler.  Radiator fan runs only when AC is turned on, not  when motor is 
running, temp gauge reads higher until driving. 
Read Bentleys and looked at SJM site, suspect tempt sender on radiator (it  
is drenched in Green-gold) from a PS leak I just fixed. 
Bentley says pull wires off of sender and touch together and all cooling  
systems should turn on.  I will try this tomorrow morning.
Question:  If it is the sensor, how hard it to replace (don't want to  break 
radiator),  If not where do I look next?
91 Avant (thinking about an Allroad)

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