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Thanks for the reminder about that page.  I'd forgotten, but now that  
you've cut and pasted it, quite familiar indeed.  So familiar I may  
have to recant my Bentely testimony and say these are the guidelines  
I used.  The "aiming pattern" thing looks familiar, and I also happen  
to have a copy of those instructions printed out and kept in my  
maintenance book.

Maybe the parking lot I used next to the building wasn't actually  
perpendicular to the wall.

..and thanks everybody for their input.

Derek P

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> So how  has everyone else with Euro lights aimed their  headlights?
> from my old 200 site; think SJM has more on his site:
> Aiming the european headlights
> Check the tire pressure, make sure the car has got a half tank or  
> so and
> nothing heavy in the trunk.  Check the european lights to see that  
> the  height
> lever is in the down (normal) position.   When this lever is   
> flipped upward,
> the lights adjust lower (useful when your car's trunk if full of   
> diving gear,
> for example, and you don't want the headlights lighting up the  sky).
> Find a (very) level parking area adjacent to a blank white wall  
> (at  night).
> Pull the car up to the wall, steering wheel straight, and make a   
> vertical
> mark on the wall using tape (electrical or duct tape works well) at  
> the
> centerline of the car.  Turn on the headlights (low beams), and put  
> tape  marks
> horizontally through the center of each headlight's light pattern,  
> and a  second
> horizontal mark 3 inches lower.   Make a vertical mark through  the  
> center of
> each mark.
> --+--                  |                  --+--
> --+--                  |                  --+--
> Roll the car straight back 25 feet from the wall.  Rock the car a  
> couple
> times to make sure the suspension is properly settled.
> The height aiming point for low beams (top of the beam cutoff) is  
> the lower
> line.  The left/right aiming point is the centerline -- the high  
> angled
> cutoff (euro pattern) should start at the center and flare right  
> through the  lower
> right mark.
> High beams on one piece "aero" headlights will be simulataneously  
> aimed.
> The lower knob on the lights raises and lowers the beam.  The upper  
> knob
> moves the beam in towards the center line or away (and takes a lot  
> of turns to
> do much).  See the owner's manual for a picture of the adjustment  
> knobs.
> The beam pattern almost always looks too low on the wall, but  
> that's where
> they're supposed to be.  Please don't aim your bulbs too high,  
> especially  with
> high-wattage bulbs.  Every time you go over a rise or hit a bump,  
> the  lights
> will move up and down in relation to oncoming traffic and blind  
> them (and
> the guy ahead of you through his rear view mirror).  Everytime your  
> lights
> temporarily flash them, their pupils take a moment or two to  
> readjust, during
> which they are partially blinded.

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