The weather got warm and I got Audi Gremlins

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Mar 26 09:53:53 EDT 2007

At 12:18 AM -0400 3/26/07, PeterBergin at wrote:
>Just when I though I was done fixing things for awhile the Audi gremlins  got
>me again.
>  Today, no radiator fan until I turn on the AC, than fan goes on but no cold 
>air, boost down to 1.4 again.  Also noticed no after run water pump,  injector
>cooler.  Radiator fan runs only when AC is turned on, not  when motor is
>running, temp gauge reads higher until driving.

Dontcha just hate it when your car gets hit by 
simul-freakin-taneousness? At least it's fortunate that your cooling 
system didn't overheat greatly while the fan link was busted (hence, 
if there's an oem radiator, it should survive the episode). As to the 
continued lack of A/C and low boost: this combination of symptoms 
suggests possible problem with the MFTS. Disconnecting it temporarily 
it would restore A/C compressor operation and boost--if the MFTS is 
actually the cause of those problems.

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