Springs revisited (again)

Tom Egbert tomegbert1323 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 29 10:44:45 EDT 2007

   I replaced stock springs and shocks on a 200,000 mile sedan with H&R sport springs for the V-8. some used Bilsteins HD's and the car was within 1/4 inch of what it was before the work. Granted, I did not measure and compare to stock ride height.
     The car drove fantastic but slightly stiff. Only things like hitting expansion joints squarely made me even think a little too stiff. On the track or busting exit ramps, the dive and lean was gone; very easy to drive at 10/10ths
    I have a lower mileage car now and still miss that set up. In fact the heavy 17 inch wheels with 45 profile tires spoil the ride more.

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