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Tony Hoffman auditony at
Thu Mar 29 13:51:31 EDT 2007


I'd first check the coolant level, as was suggested. Then, you can check to
see if the hot/cold flap is working, and the coolant shut off valve is
working as well. The heater valve and coolant valve are both under the
cowling cover, which is at the back of the engine area. It comes off fairly
easily. Pull the seal off the front, and I believe you have to pull the
wipers as well. The flap is controled on the right side, and the coolant
valve is controlled by vacuum. However, if one or the other isn't working,
it's controled by the climate control module above the glove box. This would
also be found by pulling codes as suggested, of course. Anyhow, as a
temporary fix, you can make either stay in the warm position till you can
fix the root of the problem BTDT.

Tony Hoffman

On 3/29/07, RicebalLDR at <RicebalLDR at> wrote:
> My heat stopped working. Fan runs, modes change but no warm air at all.
> Thanks for the help..................Richard         1991 200 20v Advant
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