No Heat/flap motor

RicebalLDR at RicebalLDR at
Sat Mar 31 05:17:48 EDT 2007

I had some time to remove the cover over the heater unit to get to the flap 
control motor under the hood area. It looks like you have to remove the 
windshield wiper motor assembly to get the flap motor cover off. Is this correct? Any 
other tricks.Flaps are in the cooling position when asking for heat so 
hopefully it is the motor. Looks like SJM has the motor for $45. Dealer list is $182 
and said they used to sell a lot of them in the past. I guess our cars are 
getting rare..Off to LA so won't get to it till 
Monday..TIA............RRF......1991 200 20v Avant

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