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Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed May 2 14:20:32 EDT 2007

At 1:50 PM -0400 5/2/07, RGuzz wrote:
>Haven't taken the panel off but the window went down (drivers side)
>then crunched, I hear the motor try to bring the window up but nothing.
>What's the latest on the  repair for this problem? Source for
>regulators? I have heard they are expensive and what is after marketed
>is crap.

I used an aftermarket regulator--obtained about 15 months ago from 
AutoHaus Arizona. Here's what I had to say then about the 
installation (and a problem with the part quality). BTW, it's been 
working OK for the past year, but I avoid using  that window any more 
than absolutely necessary.

At 1:40 PM -0500 1/10/06, Phil Rose wrote:
>My replacement regulator  (driver's window) turned out to NOT be the 
>Italian (Pimax) brand stated on the Autohaus Arizona Web site. The 
>regulator I received carried no visible brand or origin markings on 
>it, but the box indicated a Danish manufacturer: ELECTRIX. 
>Ominously, the first thing that occurred to me (seeing Denmark as 
>the country of origin) was all the hardware problems that people on 
>the list encountered when installing that Danish-made all-metal 
>radiator. I have the highest respect for the quality of Danish 
>furniture, but beginning to have some doubts regarding their metal 
>The window regulator  R&R went pretty smoothly until the very final 
>instant. As many (most?) of you know, the regulator slide is 
>fastened to the door shell by a pair of brackets (upper and lower) 
>that each have  a pair of captive nuts for attachment by two  6 mm 
>bolts (2 for each bracket). The position of these 
>brackets--especially the upper one) needs to be adjusted laterally 
>by trial and error--to attain a good fit of the window against the 
>rubber window-seal.  After fidddling back and forth to get the 
>window adjusted, I did the final tightening of the brackets, when 
>suddenly it was obvious that one of the upper bolts had stripped out 
>the nut!!!! That was NOT GOOD since there was little reason to have 
>confidence that this upper end of the regulator could be held 
>securely --with prolonged use--by only one tightened bolt.
>Naturally the stripped-out nut was the only one that was almost 
>impossible to reach  without completely removing the window and 
>undoing all the  re-assembly work we'd done. Fortunately, we found 
>that there was.... just.... barely.... enough space to get a good 6 
>mm nut onto the end of the bolt. I was able to grab onto the nut by 
>spinning the bolt and got it tightened down firmly. Big sigh of 
>Other than the stripped nut (I realize I might have avoided that 
>issue by extra cautious tightening, but...), there were no other 
>issues with the new regulator.  Seems to work far.

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