200q rear subframe bushings-UPDATE (and x posted)

Beer, Jerald S. JBeer at caseyciklin.com
Wed May 2 17:40:52 EDT 2007

OK, thanks to this list, I found some bushings without having to buy a
whole new rear subframe for over $1000 USD!!
 In first place was Addict Motorsports (www.addictmotorsport.com). Jason
Patek makes them for the C4 chasis. They also fit the 91 rear (and I
suspect the 89 and 90 based on Alldata). It is labelled part 1A. He
makes them in delrin and aluminum. He had alum in stock, so for about
$10 extra, he sent those overnight. Excellent service. Bushes were under
a $100 for all 8 (each opening takes two).
 In second place is VAG parts (www.vagparts.com). According to Alan, he
can get them in OEM like rubber. 
Hopefully this info will save someone else some wear and tear on
locating these puppies.
Thanks to all who responded!!!
91 200tqa

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