Off 200-topic (again)...A4 V6 vs 1.8

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Fri May 4 16:40:35 EDT 2007

At the risk of being the boy who cries wolf, again looking at the next car 
option which remains a B5 A4.  My ideal was to find one with a 1.8 rather 
than the V6 as the smaller engine would give better gas mileage and I've 
heard the V6 is not only an uninspiring power plant, but the chassis dynamic 
is better with the smaller engine (ie more even weight distribution with 
less weight in front of front axle).

I also know that some people here have A4's, but does anyone have experience 
with either/or on these chassis layouts?

As to the 200, well I don't think my curiosity will let me sell that one 
without first seeing if the turbo issues impacts my observed oil usage, as 
other than that it's a generally solid vehicle...for a car with 240k on the 
clock.  Would be nice though to do the experiment and not be stranded while 
the wrenching is in progress.

Derek P

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