3B Fuel Pressure Monitoring?

urquattro at comcast.net urquattro at comcast.net
Fri May 4 19:35:34 EDT 2007

Hi All,
I'm running a modified 3B settup (bigger turbo, IA software, "modified by PO" stock FPR, uprated fuel pump), and I'm trying to track down an intermittent super-rich condition at idle that makes the car fail emissions for visible smoke (passes just fine on actual emissions).

I want to see what my operating pressure range is, as well as monitor it at idle to see if for some reason it creeps up over time. My first guess is that the upgraded fuel pump moves more volume than the modified stock FPR can bypass at idle levels of consumption and pressure builds to the point that even at minimum pulsing the injectors are allowing too much fuel through.

I've reviewed the Bentley procedure for this, and it seems a bit involved, not to mention I don't have any of the factory tools for fuel pressure checking.

Have any of you listers checked your own fuel pressure on a 3B, and if so, using what combination of (hopefully) affordable/attainable equipment? I don't currently own a fuel pressure gage, so I'm starting from scratch on this one. 

Thanks in advance,

'85 urq w/3B 

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