rear brakes

PyRo pyro_10314 at
Fri May 4 20:18:21 EDT 2007

The car was in neutral  and on a steep hill when i
changed the brakes.the reason i was thinkin i needed a
new caliper is because the piston was out so far and
it was a real bitch to get back in.i was able to fit
(bang) it over the new pads but i took em out due to
all the smoke and my instant stopping power (without
even touching the brake).i really think i need a new
caliper.i had to spray a lot of anti rust shit just to
get it to move. ive been lookin around and want to put
a girling back in.i see that a cardone caliper is also
listed for the 200,,i wasnt gonna get it but is it
worth it? also in the bentley it shows pics of the
ufos...if i have girling calipers on the front and
rear should i just look at the 200 turbo? and do
girling calipers come stock on the 200s or were they
swapped by the previous owner? if they were swapped
and i do need one should i do my searchs for a v8 caliper?

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