rear brakes

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Did you get some type of lifetime brake pads? My 16V Scirocco wouldn't take
lifetime pads.

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If you have indeed turned the caliper piston in all the way, and the 
pads don't want to fit, then you may have the wrong pads
Otherwise, try to turn the caliper in a bit further first.

It's alot easier to put a hose on the caliper bleeder and open it 
slightly while turning in the piston - it will relieve the fluid 
pressure that you are pushing against, and also drain the crap that's 
collected in the caliper instead of pushing it back into the brake line.

In my experience, especially with very well worn pads where the 
piston has extended itself pretty far from the caliper body, you make 
want to  "start" the piston by turning it counter or anti clockwise a 
bit first.

Also, you _did_ completely release the ebrake before you turned in 
the piston, right?

If you hear scraping, I would first check to see if the brake shield 
is bent and contacting the brake rotor....

-Peter (aka Mr Avant)
(One 200 Avant gone, 1 to go...)

At 08:20 PM 5/3/2007 -0700, PyRo wrote:
>do you have to do anything with the ebrake when
>changing the rear brakes? just curious cause the
>piston was a pita to push in (im gonna pick up a new
>one) i think i got it all the way in but it still
>didnt want to  fit on over the new pads i got. i got
>the pads from it possible for them to have
>given me a thicker pad then i actually need or does
>the piston go in further than i think.(its pretty much
>level with the rubber boot). and when i release my
>ebrake it sounds like metal rubbing against my rotors?
>any ideas. frustration + gasoline = a burned car. thanks
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