3B Fuel Pressure Monitoring?

Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
Sat May 5 04:25:33 EDT 2007

Summit Racing have a lot of fuel gauges. I use this
one from Nordskog which I can watch from the cabin.
Stores max and min pressure too


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Subject: 3B Fuel Pressure Monitoring?

> Hi All,
> I'm running a modified 3B settup (bigger turbo, IA software, "modified by 
> PO" stock FPR, uprated fuel pump), and I'm trying to track down an 
> intermittent super-rich condition at idle that makes the car fail 
> emissions for visible smoke (passes just fine on actual emissions).
> I want to see what my operating pressure range is, as well as monitor it 
> at idle to see if for some reason it creeps up over time. My first guess 
> is that the upgraded fuel pump moves more volume than the modified stock 
> FPR can bypass at idle levels of consumption and pressure builds to the 
> point that even at minimum pulsing the injectors are allowing too much 
> fuel through.
> I've reviewed the Bentley procedure for this, and it seems a bit involved, 
> not to mention I don't have any of the factory tools for fuel pressure 
> checking.
> Have any of you listers checked your own fuel pressure on a 3B, and if so, 
> using what combination of (hopefully) affordable/attainable equipment? I 
> don't currently own a fuel pressure gage, so I'm starting from scratch on 
> this one.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jon
> '85 urq w/3B
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