Looking for a 200 TQ/5000cs trans

Eric Huppert ehuppert at hvc.rr.com
Sat May 5 15:05:46 EDT 2007


To make a long story short...

Son blew up the center diff in his car. Case disintegrated and spewed gear
oil... Big chunks of aluminum!

So, looking for a trans, something very inexpensive! 5000 turbo will work,
can just remove the actuator assy and lock it in the disengaged mode. Or,
obviously, a 200 TQ trans..

He's looking for something very cheap, so parts yards, etc are out! Been
looking for a parts car, as I could use some little stuff for the 20v, but
as usual, can't find stuff when you need it!

Located two hours north of NYC, so anywhere fairly close in NY, northern NJ,
Western mass, conn, etc...

Cheers, Eric

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