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Oh yeah new FPR a year or so ago.  My car is chipped (of course!) so
I'll have my software guy check that out.



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> Guys-
> My engine has about 195,000 miles on it - presumably original 
> injectors. How can you tell if its time to have them professionally 
> rebuilt/cleaned/whatever?  My car is running rich and I have replaced 
> the 02 sensor, coolant temp sensor, no vac leaks, no codes, plugs and 
> cap/rotor have 15k miles, MAF has been tested on another car.  
> Somebody suggested maybe injectors aren't spraying a good pattern and 
> may need service.  Seems to make sense, potentially.

Just how rich are we talking here? In theory, when in closed loop
operation the ECU will adjust mixture using O2 sensor to "perfect"
stoich. A number of people have had trouble with fuel pressure regulator
- if the pressure is too high then injectors may be putting in too much
even at ECU's minimum allowed duty cycle. Something to check with
VAG-COM? How do the plugs look?

You could run some injector cleaner through, just for grins. I would
imagine that any spray pattern variances would result in per-cylinder
non-optimal running but the ECU (again, in theory) will even everything
out since there's only the one O2 sensor.


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