rear brakes 200q20v Digest, Vol 43, Issue 8

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Thu May 10 08:59:23 EDT 2007

Phil's description is good, two things about new pads. 

You may have to file down the pad material just a bit, to fit your 
application if installation proves challenging.

Most trouble I encounter is getting the new pads past the rotor outer edges; 
ever so slight "lip" from pad wear.

Some photos of the tools Phil mentions are here:

HTH - Scott by BOSTON
> To: PyRo <>
> Are you using some sort of piston-compression tool (as you know, the 
> piston needs to be rotated while compressing)? Anyway, it's usually 
> necessary to compress the piston a bit further in than the edge of 
> the boot in order to install brand new pads.
> As to the e-brake mechanism--yes, you should make sure that the 
> e-brake lever (on the caliper) has returned all the way to its "rest" 
> position. If the brake cables are bad (or if the caliper ebrake 
> internals are gummed up) then the "return" spring may not have enough 
> strength to fully retract; it will probably need some extra 
> assistance (you). Otherwise there'll be interference with compressing 
> the piston (and, in use there'll be excessive pad & rotor wear).

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