Stuck sun roof

P Cole pcolegrps at
Sun May 13 18:27:22 EDT 2007

1991 200 20v sun roof will retract fully open but stops dead when trying to close.
It stops right before it hits the deflecter guides ( for what that matter).

It's not electrical as trying to use the manual override you can feel the left ( drivers ) track just stop.
( right side seems to move slightly toward closed than the left)
The Bently is little or no help in this regard. 
Looking for any BTDT , suggestions on how to get the thing closed.

Paul R. Cole:
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'91 CQ Indigo Mettalic Blue, 148k miles- daily driver
'91 200 TQ 20v- still going strong  @338+k!!. Old cars-84x2 CGT, 89 200tq
'90,91 V8q- SAR
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