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Mon May 14 18:03:28 EDT 2007

Hi Geraint,
some responses below:

I have a leaking brake booster on the missus' 200.
it is the early style cast iron affair.
a replacement is something like 500CAD which seems a big amount of cash
at the moment........

I also have a buddy with a garage who installs 20v engines in coup??
quattros using vacuum brake servos.

-->I converted my 20vt urq to vacuum brakes. The freezeplug at the fore end of the 3B IM is an easy place to add a dedicated vacuum line

Anyone have any experience with either:

3. fitting vac servos (what parts) to t44s

-->Scott Mockry of converted his 5kcsq track car to vacuum brakes using parts from a 5k Diesel. Ideally, you would take the brackets and such off a junkyard car (maybe diesels are more common up there?) and buy the "important" stuff like the vacuum servo, m/c and pressure regulator new or almost new to ensure reliability. He can help you figure out what you need and sell you the new parts you want. 

-->If you convert to vacuum assist, you'll need to remove the fore-most (iirc) piston and plug the associated port on your PS pump with a dummy bolt. It's an easy job; I have one I modified but only used for about 10 seconds before it blew the seals right out of my (last) urq steering rack. Oops!



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