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Tue May 15 21:18:00 EDT 2007


Sam Stone on motorgeek is selling a 7a dist for $50 and a $3b dist for $65.

Either will work
Don't waste time trying to fix yours..


At 12:11 PM 5/15/2007 -0700, Chuck Pierce wrote:
>Hi Guys
>Home from school, trying to get the Avant on the road.
>I was knocking the old dist. gear off to replace it with the brass one.
>But..........as the gear came off the distributor fell off the vise and
>broke the (i believe) the connector for the hall sender.
>Does any one have a old distributort that they could pull this piece off of.
>It is the piece that the hall sensor plugs into and mounts on the side
>of the distributor.
>The PN# on the piece is  1 230 329 049
>So much for progress today :-(
>Chuck Pierce
>91 200 20v Avant
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