Check out July issue of Automobile Magazine on the Audi R8

Ingo Rautenberg ingo.rautenberg at
Sat May 26 00:23:12 EDT 2007

The article is titled '96 Hours to Play' and is written by four
editors, each of whom had some time with the car and who cumulatively
drove 2,916 miles over four days -- First Jason Camissa to PA and
back, then Joe DeMatio to Chicago for Lunch and back and then Sam
Smith drove almost 1500 miles down to Tail of the Dragon (driving the
tail 7 times) and back, with Jean Jennings enjoying the last few miles
before our wondrous photo shoot at the top of the garage. And each
one's story is memorable as well.

It really is sexy in person and the sound... Oh, the sound.. :-D

Yeah I'm in the photoshoot pic...somewhere.


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