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Tue May 29 15:50:38 EDT 2007


I replaced the entire over-engineered muffler with a pair of new high
flow converters and a pair of magnaflow mufflers which you can literally
see through. The description of resulting sound matches removing center
resonator sound description on this list. I have been using it for
almost 4 years. I must admit my setup was also over engineered a little,
so next time the shop would do a better job. I can provide pictures upon
request. Cost of parts was around $300 excluding pipes and shipping.
Welding was done by in Lowell, MA.

On Mon, 28 May 2007 18:58:37 -0400
  Kent McLean <kentmclean at> wrote:
> My '91 200 Avants (both #1 and #2) need center and rear 
> Looking to minimize the hit to the wallet, I have a few 
> * Can I replace just the rear (or center) muffler, and 
>put a pipe in place
>  of the center (rear) muffler? Will it reduce noise 
>enough to be "normal"?
> * I'm thinking this isn't something I want to tackle 
>myself. Can anyone
>  recommend a muffler shop in the Concord/Manchester NH 
>area? One that
>  will replace 2 mufflers with one?
> Thanks.
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