New lister, new car

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If the threads are already buggered up, what solutions are there?  
Next size up drill / tap?  
Go to NPT?



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Stock HP of the 200q20v is 217.  
  Many of us have switched to Fumoto drain valves to avoid  plug thread
  There is a relay that keeps the windows/sunroof powered after you
 turn off the key until you open a door.  
  Cooling fan should go on whenever you turn the climate control to
 Auto, which engages the A/C.
  You should get a Bentley if you're going to do any services yourself.
  If not, make sure the mechanic has one.

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  Hello All,

Just reciently sold my '93 Urs4 and bought a '91 200q20v. Pearl white
 and platnum sport interior. Drivers seat torn.(need one. I'll list in

This car is a bit lighter than the Urs4. A bit quicker also. 250 hp,

The cars been sitting for +-2yrs. I literally had to grind the head off
 the drain plug as the flange was welded to the pan. I broke 2 easyouts
 before the flange was completely gone. Once the flange was gone the
 plug came out easy. Thanks goodness for Napa's lifetime warranteed tools.
1 bent rim(also need), 3 seperated tires. Odo reads 89k. Head gasket
 leak to cooling system. New (now) windshield. Aftermarket pos cd player.
 All speakers still powered and sound good. Cruise doesn't work, nor the

Just a few q's.
Any fix for the bouncy speedo? Seems the computer thinks the car won't
 go faster than 15 mph.

The headlights inner lens; bulb is 5 watts? Just a parking light? I've
 got a fog light switch, but seems no fog lights, front or rear.

Power seems to always be on in the interior. Windows and sunroof always
 powered. Abbynormal? Interior lights go out normally.

Also cooling fan goes on when the climate control system is going. Turn
 off the climate control and the cooling fan goes off. Put it on auto
 when the car is warming up and when the heater kicks in the cooling fan
 starts. Seems quirkey.

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