New lister, new car

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I'm not sure what two tracking is but for normal use they prolly are
fine.....i've had some crazy offroad bottoming out experiences on
snow/ice & mud ruts  where I've ripped the muffler off and broke the
locking arm on the rear diff.......but that's abuse to most
people......fairly normal use to me.......i almost went for the allroad
for this very reason of limited clearance......but I couldn't take the
downgrade in performance and massive upgrade in cost

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On the 20-valve, they extend out to the side.  I've gone two-tracking
with my 200 sedan and not had an issue with the Fumoto.

"Schaible, David" <David.Schaible at> wrote: 
I thought there was a possible issue with clearance if you bottomed out
the pan you could rip the valve out since they extend further out than a
plug ????

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I have had one of "those" valves, in my avant for 7 years and about 150k

with no issues. The stock plug was a tough PITA to get our. I do my
changes out side in the winter with just reaching under the bumper and
turning the 

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