New lister, new car

jake falk nullassult at
Wed Nov 7 13:54:47 PST 2007

Sears "bolt out" are great.
My friend lost my wheel bolt key.  We went to sears, picked a set up,
pounded them on all four wheels took about 10 minutes.  I won't ever use
wheel locks again if thats all it takes for a thief to steal my BBSs...

One thing though...  They say don't pound them on.  By all means DO pound.

On 11/7/07, Peter Schulz <pcschulz at> wrote:
> Paul:
> Not that this will happen again on this car, but next time /next car
> you run into this situation, forget the easyout...
> Try the Sears' "bolt out"
> My first 200 had a drain bolt head that looked like warm partially
> melted butter-
> Propane torch, vise grips, etc., nothing worked....finally took a
> file, filed down the sides to approximate a  bolt head,. hammered on
> a 16mm 6 point socket, and used a long breaker  bar.
> The next time I ran into this situation on a new to me car, I tried
> the bolt out with a breaker bar..
> Took less than 15 secs. The bolt out has fluted edges that bite into
> the sides of the bolt.
> -Peter

Jake Falk

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