Sport Seat seat heaters

Eric Huppert ehuppert at
Sun Nov 11 15:13:56 PST 2007

So, with the cold weather upon us I decided to look into my drivers seat no
heat issue! sometimes it works, but most of the time I can hear the relay
clicking on and off. Previously swapped relays, no change. Today I removed
both switches, switched them, and hit them with some electrical cleaner. No

Had to run to the store, so got a little creative. Found out that leaning to
the right (left "cheek" raised off seat) lets the heater come on. Which
tells me a bad wire in the seat.

Have read the dissection process for comfort seats, can anyone provide some
detail on the sport seats?

Also, is the heater element the same as the comforts? Have another set of
seats I could pull the element out of if needed.

Thanks, Eric

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