200q H&R springs/16x8 wheels look OK on 200?

Beer, Jerald S. JBeer at caseyciklin.com
Wed Nov 14 05:43:26 PST 2007

  I may be a -touch- biased, but I think the UrS4 wheels were some of
the best Audi ever made. They look great on the car IMHO. They don't
stick out at all. If I can find a pic of the car, I will send it.

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Sorry for the hijack.

Will UrS 16 x 8 wheels stick out to far on a 200?

I have Michelin Alpin's in 225 55 16 mounted on 16 x 8 Fuchs wheels. I
believe they're a 35 offset.

I want to run them on my stock '91 200. Will they look right?  From
what I've read I don't think I need to worry about rubbing even with
the too-tall tire. But I don't want the wheels to look dumb.

Any insight much appreciated.


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