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Fri Nov 16 21:47:38 PST 2007

Bad things come in 3's + for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction = you have some good luck coming.  Sorry to hear about your misfortune.  Maybe you scout out an even nicer '91 200 20v base car and strip out the parts list you gave from the total and the result is a '91 200 20v three times as nice as the original.  Good luck   

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From: "Mike Miller" <mikemilr at>
> Well, I hope I am the lone single member of the totaled 3 91 200q's club. 
> Appears my eBrake let go and my car rolled down the driveway into my travel 
> trailer (8k lbs) ($3k+ damage to the trailer) and moved it about 8 inches 
> sideways. The rear bumper went under the trailer so the trunk and rear 1/4 
> panels took the damage.
> Eibach/bilsteins, Euros, Hoppen stage 1, 40k on new clutch, radiator, rack, 
> new slave/master cyls. Metal Dist gear. Less than 10k on new brakes, heater 
> blower motor, PS pump. New door locks and drivers side window reg/motor. 
> 54.6 miles on new snows ( Michelin X-Ice) on stock wheels.
> Ins. Co. is offering $2350 for the car. Yeah, right!!!  It's going to be 
> another long battle to get a reasonable settlement!
> --mike 
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