And another bites the dust

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sat Nov 17 09:51:18 PST 2007

Thanks, Bernie.

I would say it is a parking brake - which I never use in the winter here in MT because it usually does freeze up. I park on a pretty flat spot and just leave it in gear.If I am warming it up, I will slide a piece of firewood under a front tire. I was trying to fix that no start problem I've been chasing - the car had ben driven an hour earlier - I had just swapped in a spare ECU, taken it out of gear, set the brake and turned the ignition key all from the passenger side of the car - as it didn't start, I just left it and we took the F-350 to town instead. When we returned, the damage was done.

I am going broke feeding the F-350! Diesel went up 37 cents here in 10 days - from $3.53 to $3.90 - with a 38 gallon tank, I can come *very* close to a $150 fill up. 


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Sorry for your loss, Mike.

Is it an eBrake or a parking brake??

Both the Audi owners manual and Bentley refer to it as a parking brake.

I disagree, believing that it, the PB, should  never be used as the  
sole unattended parking restraint. Use the tranny!

Further, in slushy, freezing weather I have witnessed frozen brake  
cables not allowing PB release, with resultant smoking of the rear  
brakes. Maybe a slightly different scenario was the cause of your  
problem. Moisture in cables preventing the PB from being fully  
engaged, and your not noticing a lower than normal lever engagement  


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