And another bites the dust

Osman Parvez osmanparvez at
Sun Nov 18 08:03:45 PST 2007

> Eyvind E. Spangen wrote:
> > BTW on fuel prices: Latest here in Norway, calculated to gallons instead
> of
> > liters: $9.26/gallon for premium, $8.86/gallon for diesel. About 80% of
> the
> > price paid are various taxes. A fillup of the 200q20v costs me around
> $150.

> Kent McLean <kentmclean at> wrote:
> Yeah, but... do you have a 75 mile one-way commute to work?  That's not
> that unusual here in the States. 30-40 mile one-way commutes are fairly
> common around Boston, just to get outside the city where there is
> affordable housing. In some parts of California, it is even worse. With
> commutes like that, fill-ups could happen every other day or two.

As fuel prices continue to rise, the cost of the long commute will make less
and less sense without trading to a higher efficiency vehicle.  Already,
today's demand for used VW TDIs (40+MPG) is keeping prices extraordinarily
high.  Personally, I'm quite curious about the new crop of Japanese diesels
expected to be introduced for the 2009 model year.   I've heard the new
diesel Accord will get +50MPG.


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