Winking Brake Light

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Thu Nov 22 09:52:35 PST 2007

RGuzz wrote:
> Faintly winking brake light in dash. The fluid levels seem to be okay 
> no trouble from the bomb...yet. I do have the sense the problem is in 
> the emergency brake handle. Going over bumps seems to affect it. I have 
> replaced the IC because of many in dash gremlins, all gone, but this 
> persists so it's not in the dash. How do I tackle the brake handle 
> thing?

When I had my 200 20V #2 inspected last year, that warning light
appeared after the put on the sticker. :)  They checked the fluid level.
I thought it might be the emergency brake.  What I learned is that when
the problem is the fluid level, the light doesn't glow as brightly as
when it is the e-brake.  

Pull up on the hand brake and see if the light gets brighter. If so, the
problem is fluid level related. If not, it's related to the e-brake.
At least, that's my understanding; I could be wrong.

Kent McLean
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