Ahh! 17 MPG is killing me!

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Sun Nov 25 17:47:13 PST 2007

My Hoppen Stage 1 seems to do about the same boost wise on 87 or 91 octane at 4000 ft elev. At sea level, I always had to use 91 to get full boost. I do get a little better mileage if I use 91, but not enough to make up the cost differential.

Just got back from a 1400 mile trip from MT to the Oregon coast - had to drive the F-350 diesel as I have not replaced the car yet - got about 16.7 mpg from Post Falls, ID to Seaside, OR and then back to Troutdale - 543.5 miles on one tank of 32.6 gals - $109 fillup with the cheap diesel at $3.339 :-)

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Bernie, I have about the same mileage, however mine is chipped.  I  wouldn't 
mind saving 30 cents a gallon on some of the 500 mile weekends I do and  my 
annual trip from Minnesota to Aspen.
91 Avant

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