Another 200tq20v Bites the Dust

michael mdearing at
Sun Nov 25 19:00:32 PST 2007


the only other one in town has had its rear end mushed.  The car is  
still drivable - at least the owner says so - the rear quarter panels  
are so creased that I doubt the car tracks correctly.  I suspect he  
will park it sometime soon.  There are probably parts on this car  
that someone needs.  Any ideas on what to suggest to him in the way  
of disposing of it in a manner that will do the most good for fellow  

I have always noticed that his car, although a 200tq20v, has normal  
5000S wheels and head rests that are 5000s even though the engine  
seems to be 3B.  Other parts of the car are identical to my 3B 20v.

- michael

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