Group Buy?

Adam Gratz adamgratz at
Sun Nov 25 19:21:49 PST 2007

Hello All-

I have an account with SSF, a wholesale parts distributor in Northern
California. I am in no way affiliated with this company, but often use them
for Audi, BMW, Mercedes parts.

They have the following on closeout for the 200tq but do not specify 20v:

Part #        Manufacture                             # in Stock $$

431-407-181 F CORTECO Control Arm Bushing front'91      12      $4.00
447-965-571 A GENUINE VW/AUDI

Relay additional water pump.                            1      $64.00

447-941-626 B GENUINE AUDI Right front side marker light 2     $41.00

034-260-805 C DENSO A/C Compressor(Includes Clutch) '91  2          $292.75

431-498-103 C GKN LOEBRO Front Outer/inner Axle Joint Kit with
boot                                                     4            $60.00

443-919-081 BEHR THERMOT-TR Hydrolic pressure switch on brake
booster                                                 1              $

I live in Hawaii, but if you need any of these email me and I should be able
to COD them to you directly.  PLEASE call these folks before you email me to
check that the item is still in stock.

SSF 1-800-632-2743 or

I will attempt to COD them directly to you, if you have called to check on

Again, call before you email me.


Dr. Gratz

1991 200 20v Avant 134k (Jungle Racer)

2bennet coil over/camber kit and 034 EFI turbo/manifold/injectors/FPR

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