Ahh! 17 MPG is killing me!

Eyvind E. Spangen 200q20v at bluezone.no
Tue Nov 27 02:02:44 PST 2007

I consequently mix 30-40% E85 and European 95 octane (which is something
like your 91 due to different measurement methods) when I fill up my
200q20v. I find that the car runs better with the ethanol, but the mileage
will slightly decrease. The ethanol has got a cleaning effect on the fuel
system too. In addition, the E85 costs about $6/gallon while gas is around
$10/gallon.. :)

All normal gasoline engines will run on ethanol, but it needs about 30% more
ethanol than gasoline to deliver the same power. The octane rating of E85 is
a lot higher than even premium gas. I've done some experiments with E85 in
different cars. My 200q20v will tolerate 40% E85, while my dad's '92 100
(AAH engine) can take 60% while my mom's '97 A6Q (ACK engine) does not
handle more than 30%.. I think it depends on the ECU, how much it's able to
richen the mixture. Maybe the 200q20v will handle more than 40%, but I don't
want to experiment too much on a turbocharged engine due to the possibility
of lean running. The greater cooling effect and high octance rating of E85
will help, though.. On a normal NA engine, it's more tempting to try
different mixtures and see what happens.. ;)

E. Spangen

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We have the same ethanol mix as does N. Calif. My cars have never run  
on anything “better”.

As yet, no snow in the Calif Sierra! Kirkwood, at 7500’ base,  is  
known as having the best snow in the Cal Sierra Nevada. A heavy snow  
year is 75’ total annual snow fall, I’ve seen 35’ on the ground many  
times over the past 20 years. And only 35 miles from home! One can  
ski in the morning and play golf afternoons in the Carson Valley,  
4700’. Come on out!


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