Ahh! 17 MPG is killing me!

Schaible, David David.Schaible at jrspharma.com
Tue Nov 27 06:04:47 PST 2007

We don't get that much snow out east but as usual we are impatient and
give mother nature some help....i've got three days in already and
should get 3 more this week. Jay has gotten 50" natural this
year.....but there is nothing in the lowlands so I havent' put the snows
on the avant yet. Still driving my tdi (which is grossly underpowered,
but 45mpg on veg oil is a nice thing) until it won't make it up the hill
with the studded sneakers......golf in the afternoon.....save it for
another day

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We have the same ethanol mix as does N. Calif. My cars have never run  
on anything "better".

As yet, no snow in the Calif Sierra! Kirkwood, at 7500' base,  is  
known as having the best snow in the Cal Sierra Nevada. A heavy snow  
year is 75' total annual snow fall, I've seen 35' on the ground many  
times over the past 20 years. And only 35 miles from home! One can  
ski in the morning and play golf afternoons in the Carson Valley,  
4700'. Come on out!


On Nov 26, 2007, at 5:09 PM, PeterBergin at aol.com wrote:

> I will give a part tank of 87 a shot, remember in Minnesota we have  
> between 10-15% ethanol.  I have only used 87 once a few years ago.   
> Had to buy some in Nebraska in sub zero weather and the car ran  
> like crap.
> How is the skiing at Kirk wood?
> Pete
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