UFO Brakes

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 12:12:57 PDT 2007

No- UFO brakes will not hold up to track use. You're definitely on the right
path by doing
the S4 strut and 993tt caliper/rotor upgrade.

The problem with UFO brakes is cooling- the metal "basket" makes it very
hard for the rotor to be
adequately cooled, especially with hard use.

I had no issues with the brakes on my old '91 200q having done the brake
upgrade. I was able to run several
track days, even on Hawk HPS- I guess I wasn't braking hard enough. I did
eventually fade the brakes and kill
the pads by running street pads at the Glen, though.


On 10/3/07, Richard Harris <rnharris at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> I realize that this is old news for some you...I'm debating whether or not
> to upgrade from UFO brakes to S4/S6 struts and  993TT calipers and rotors.
> The vehicle will primarily be used as a track car.  For those of you that
> have tracked UFO equipped vehicles, is the caliper/rotor combination up to
> the task? I understand that UFO rotors a costly, but that's still less
> expensive than new struts, Big Reds, Rotors and pads.  As for pads,
> Carbotech, www.ctbrakes.com still provides them for the 200.
> Thanks,
> Richard Harris
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