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Wed Oct 3 12:32:14 PDT 2007

Well, I wasn't talking about G60s, talking about UFO vs. 993tt caliper/rotor

The much larger heatsink of the 993tt rotor and the superior cooling of the
rotor design lend it to better longevity under extreme use (i.e. track use).

I may have overstated things- it's not that you can't drive the car on the
track with UFOs- far from it. You have to do a lot more temperature
management of the brakes if you're using UFOs vs. 993tt setup.

I'm far from an expert driver and my hamfisted antics at the Glen didn't
faze my brake setup- it is my mechanic's fault that the directionally vaned
rotors were mounted backwards and it's my fault that I was using street pads
at the track, but that happened in the third session of the 2nd day, which
isn't too shabby. You definitely cannot do that with UFOs, that's what I'm
trying to get at. Repeated braking from 135 to 65 is not easy on the brakes.


On 10/3/07, Schaible, David <David.Schaible at jrspharma.com> wrote:
> I have two avants one w/ g60s and one w/ ufos....i personally think the
> g60s are a huge downgrade in all aspects of braking....i did not do side
> by side braking distance tests so it's just seat of the pants.....
> I would track the car w/ the ufos, and if they don't hold up do the
> upgrade, not a big market for used ufo components in the usa so give em
> a beating and see if they can come back for more!!
> taka says they won't.....alot depends on the nut that holds the steering
> wheel and track.
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> I've had a '93 S4 with G60s and EBC Greens for a few years.  They're in
> perfect operating condition, fresh bleed with Super Blue.  I don't track
> the
> car.
> I just bought a '91 200 20v with UFOs in perfect operating condition.
> The
> rotors are pretty new and are not warped in the least.  I don't know
> what
> the pads are, OEM stock I assume.  Fresh brake job, also with a Super
> Blue
> bleed.
> The difference in braking between the 2 cars is vast.  The 200 is just
> fantastic.  I thought the S4 was fine until I drove the 200.  The feel,
> strength, and modularity (is that a word?) is so much better in the 200.
> I can't attest to fade resistance, but I bet the 200 would beat the S4
> hands
> down.
> Mike
> On 10/3/07, Richard Harris <rnharris at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> >
> > I realize that this is old news for some you...I'm debating whether or
> not
> > to upgrade from UFO brakes to S4/S6 struts and  993TT calipers and
> rotors.
> > The vehicle will primarily be used as a track car.  For those of you
> that
> > have tracked UFO equipped vehicles, is the caliper/rotor combination
> up to
> > the task? I understand that UFO rotors a costly, but that's still less
> > expensive than new struts, Big Reds, Rotors and pads.  As for pads,
> > Carbotech, www.ctbrakes.com still provides them for the 200.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Richard Harris
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