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Wed Oct 3 12:42:11 PDT 2007

Jerry basically has the setup that was on my old 200, other than that I used
Porsche calipers rather than Wilwood. Same rotors, which are excellent for
the money ($105/ea. when I got them about 6 yrs. ago, factory MBZ rotors not


On 10/3/07, Beer, Jerald S. <JBeer at caseyciklin.com> wrote:
> Richard
>   I used to track my 200 with UFO brakes. Larry @ Carbotech made up
> track pads for me using old backing plates. The brakes worked very well.
> The only trick was to bring them up to heat slowly (over a lap or two).
> If I did that, no warping and pedal feel remained pretty solid. Used
> super blue.
> Given technology, I might opt for something lighter that stops as well.
> I currently have Wildwood calipers and MB V12 vented rotors. These are
> at least as good as the UFO's and rotors and pad availability are both
> cheap and plentiful.
> Email me privately if you want more info.
> Regards,
> Jerry
> 91 200tqa
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> From: "Richard Harris"
> I realize that this is old news for some you...I'm debating whether or
> not
> to upgrade from UFO brakes to S4/S6 struts and  993TT calipers and
> rotors.
> The vehicle will primarily be used as a track car.  For those of you
> that
> have tracked UFO equipped vehicles, is the caliper/rotor combination up
> to
> the task? I understand that UFO rotors a costly, but that's still less
> expensive than new struts, Big Reds, Rotors and pads.  As for pads,
> Carbotech, www.ctbrakes.com still provides them for the 200.
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