UFO Brakes

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 13:59:41 PDT 2007

I just reread the original post and it states "The vehicle will
primarily be used as a track car."

That leaves no question.  Upgrade your brakes.  UFOs would be fine for
the occasional track day, but if track use will be primary, money is
already a fairly subjective concept anyway.  ;-)


On 10/3/07, Sean Coriaty <sean.coriaty at gmail.com> wrote:
> We must remember that Audi developed the UFO setup to solve one problem: how
> to increase swept rotor area within the confines of a 15-inch wheel.  They
> were successful (17% more swept area, I believe), and there's no doubt that
> a fully functional UFO setup stops the 200 20v more quickly than G60s.
> That said, the track is a different environment.  UFOs were not developed
> for track use; they increase unsprung weight substantially compared to G60s
> and have cooling issues that would result in big problems on the track.  No
> doubt the Big Red setup would be far superior to UFOs in a
> track environment.
> Sean
> Freedom, NH
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