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Thu Oct 4 05:11:08 PDT 2007

Don't take this as a "I'm faster than you" kind of post or anything, but if
you're doing 120 going into the bus stop at the Glen, that's substantially
slower- I was doing 135 before going into the braking zone and I'm slow-
2:30-2:40 lap times in my old 200q. I redline'd 4th and was well into 5th
gear- if I could do 7500-7700 rpm in 4th, I wouldn't have to do a quick
upshift to 5th and then two gear downshift immediately afterward.

I know S4tts can do 150-155 there, as a comparison.

UFOs definitely better than G60s, but the OP had UFOs, not G60s- he was
asking about changing from UFO to 993tt setup using G60 struts. So G60 vs.
UFO discussion is pretty much irrelevant.


On 10/3/07, suffolkd at aol.com <suffolkd at aol.com> wrote:
> The 200 20V will fair better than an UrS4/6 because of the OEM rotors
> because of the weight of
> the UrS4 AND the UFO's "thermal mass" vs G60 rotors..
> Its ALL going to depend how you drive your car.? Club events / DE's or
> full fledged "racing"?
> I've tracked (ACNA "HP"DE) the 200 20V w/UFO's...... Fine with Dot 4 syn /
> simple street pads:
> BUT I don't run 10/10 into braking boxes (120 MPH backing off into the bus
> stop)
> 2.7T A6's can run 126 - 130 MPH into there.? The Glen, Mont Tremblant,
> NHIS, LRP... all worked fine for me.
> I condense my braking into certain areas and save the brakes as long as
> possible.
> The sedan HAS the OEM braking ducts.
> I'd put larger ducts in to cool the UFO thermal mass Taka refers to.
> If you're looking to do an event. NEW pads and fluid flush *should* cover
> it.
> If you're looking to get everything out of your car (remember its 16 years
> old) upgrades would be prudent
> -Scott by BOSTON
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